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Ultra Fit Defendis Home Page
Ultra Fit Defendis Home Page

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Ultra Fit
Wes Newton
Greenville SC
Let me help you change your life forever.

Having been an athlete most of his life, Wes Newton has a passion for Fitness and Health. He has always maintained an exercise routine and decided that helping others was where his heart was, so he went through the "ISSA" Training certification and then took the advanced training courses implemented with the Ultra Fit program to become a career Ultra Fit Trainer.

Wes works Relentlessly each day to set goals for his clients and then he implements the Ultra Fit programs with them to allow them the ultimate success...A better body, a healthier life and a better quality of life.

Contact Wes today and allow him to help you achieve all of your weight loss and fitness goals with Ultra Fit.

Wes Newton's e-mail: